3m 314 box self-stripping electrical connector from China manufacturer

Item No.: TP-1310-314
Connect the electrial wires | 3 wires AWG22-14 conductor | max insulation 3.8mm | dual pins | gel filled
  • Color: White base, blue cap
  • Brand: Neutral / OEM / TAEPO
  • Packing: 25pcs/blister, 100blisters/ctn, 36.5*38.5*49cm/ctn, gw12.5kg/ctn
  • MOQ: 5000pcs
  • Delivery: 2-4 weeks
  • Description

    TAEPO - Your Professional 3m 314 Box Manufacturer in China !

    TAEPO can supply different kinds of Lcok Joint Connectors, such as 314 Box, which also be called as 314 self-stripping electrical connector, TL1 self-stripping electrical connectors, UY2 butt connector, UY butt connector, UR2 butt connector, UDW2 dropwire inline connector, 951 self-stripping electrical tap connectors and 412 compact electrical splicing connector. TAEPO is a professional designer, manufacturer & one-stop solution provider for ICT copper connectivity. You will definitely find the products you need.


    What is 3m 314 Box?
    314 self-stripping electrical connector (TP-1310-314), often referred to as a "tap connector" or "self-tapping connector," is a device used in electrical applications to create a secure and reliable connection between two or more wires without the need for stripping insulation from the wires beforehand. These connectors are commonly used in automotive, electrical, and electronic applications where quick and efficient wire connections are required.
    It is grease filled, protecting against corrosion in damp conditions. Handles 22-14 AWG solid or stranded wire. Self-stripping U contacts for mechanical strength and electrical conductivity. It is recommended to use the crimping tool (TP-5940-998).
    Overall, self-stripping electrical connectors offer a convenient and efficient solution for making electrical connections, especially in situations where traditional wire stripping methods may be cumbersome or impractical. They contribute to improved installation efficiency and reduced labor costs in various electrical and electronic applications.



        Main Features    

    • Self-Stripping Capability: These connectors can automatically strip the insulation from wires when crimped or secured, eliminating the need for manual wire stripping.
    • Crimping Mechanism: Self-stripping connectors include a built-in spring crimping mechanism to secure the wire and maintain a strong electrical connection.
    • Compatibility: Designed to work with various wire gauges and insulation types, making them versatile for different electrical applications.
    • Quick Installation: They are designed for quick and efficient installation, which is crucial in applications where time is a critical factor.
    • Tight Seal: Many self-stripping connectors offer a tight seal to protect the connection from moisture, dust, and other environmental factors, ensuring long-term reliability.
    • Cost-Efficiency: They are often cost-effective solutions for making electrical connections, saving both time and labor costs.

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    TP-1310-314 314 self-stripping electrical connector, 3-wire, AWG22-14 conductor, max insulation 3.8mm, dual pins, gel filled