CAT3 2P2C jelly filled 1-port RJ11 telephone socket

Item No.: TP-5119-1C3U2
Connect telephone wires | 1 port | RJ11 CAT3 2P2C | jelly filled | Tool free
  • Color: Ivory
  • Brand: Neutral / OEM / TAEPO
  • Packing: 100pcs/inner box , 4boxes/ctn=400pcs/ctn, gw 12.5kg/ctn
  • MOQ: 10000pcs
  • Delivery: 15 days
  • Description


    1-port RJ11 telephone socket CAT3 2P2C (TP-5119-1C3U2) is used for the connection box telephone lines. At one end it is the IDC terminal, at the other end it is RJ11 port, 2P2C, with CAT3 performance.
    The telephone socket is the jelly filled type. It is equipped both with 2 pcs screws for surface mouting and a double adhensive tape for stickign to surface at option.
    Clear organic silicon encapsulating gel is a room temperature/heating curing and molding organic silicone materials. This kind of two-component elastic silicone potting, designed to protect in harsh conditions of electronic products.
    Clear organic silicon encapsulating glue used new technology without heating , would be curing. When used according to 1:1 (weight ratio or the volume in the thorough mixing
    proportion of A and B two components, products will be in A certain time, form of the elasticity of curing buffer material.



        Main Features    

    • Insulation Displacement Connection
    • No Wire-stripping and solder free
    • Reliable connections
    • Gas tight connection
    • One push wire insertion
    • Robust long-term environmental stability
    • Tool free
    • Double slot contact
    • Easy and fast installations
    • Against moisture, dirt and other atmospheric composition
    • Relieve mechanical, thermal shock and vibration of mechanical stress and tension caused
    • High frequency electric performance
    • No solvents, no cure by-products
    • Have stable mechanical and electrical properties between -50°C-250°C
    • Self repairing


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    Schematic Diagrams for CAT3 2P2C jelly filled 1-port RJ11 telephone socket

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    Packing picture for CAT3 2P2C jelly filled 1-port RJ11 telephone socket


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    TP-5119-1C3U2 1-port RJ11 telephone socket, CAT3,  2P2C, jelly filled, 55x50x22mm