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universal frame type Indoor 1400 pairs Intermediate Distribution Frame

1840(H) x 570(W) x 150(D)mm
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Item No.:TP-1810-1400
TP-1810-1400 IDF | used for telephone exchange central office / customer-premises equipment / wide area network (WAN) /  local area network (LAN) | wall mounted / back-to-back
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Intermediate Distribution Frame (TP-1810-1400 IDF) is a distribution frame in a central office or customer premises, which cross-connects the user cable media to individual user line circuits and may serve as a distribution point for multipair cables from the main distribution frame (MDF) or combined distribution frame (CDF) to individual cables connected to equipment in areas remote from these frames.

IDFs are used for telephone exchange central office, customer-premises equipment, wide area network (WAN), and local area network (LAN) environments, among others.

TP-1810-1400 IDF is either wall mounted or back-to-back for free standing applications, and it is for LSA applications.

Main Features

Insulation Displacement Connection

No Wire-stripping, screw and solder free

Reliable connections

Pre-installed cable clamps and guides for management

Modular design and installations

Robust long-term great strength.

Powder coated, anti corrosion and beautiful appearance.

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Indoor 1400 pairs Intermediate Distribution Frame (IDF), for LSA module, universal frame type, 1840(H) x 570(W) x 150(D)mm, with 1400P back mount frame, cable rings, without LSA modules