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Outdoor 10 pairs distribution point box without protection

266 x 125 x 64mm
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Item No.:TP-1712-10LM
TP-1712-10LM | Connect telephone cables | outdoor connections  | 1 pair STB module
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TP-1712-10LM distribution point box (DP) is used in terminating cables of secondary telephone networks to the cable pairs of subscriber lines.  


The STB module also called VX connection module provides a connection point between an exchange-side cable pair and a distribution pair. It incorporates a 5-point plug in module to provide continuity and a range of other options.


It is especially recommended for outdoor connections where the environmental conditions are extremely aggressive.

The connection modules are designed for mounting on a standard DIN rail and can therefore be mounted in a variety of housings in whatever quantities are required. The small footprint (2 cm wide) ensures a compact product.

Main Features

l  Insulation Displacement Connection

l   Reliable connections

l    Flame retardant performance

l    Modular design and installation

l    Water and humidity proof

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Outdoor 10 pairs distribution point box for STB module, 266 x 125 x 64mm, screw locking, plastic housing, with STB module without protection