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China Telecom Urges Competence with NFVO

The telecom operators' network reconstruction faces challenges on both operation and network fronts in SDN & NFV, Zhao Huiling, director of China Telecom Cloud Computing Center pointed out at the China SDN/NFV Conference on April 26.

She said network reconstruction is an opportunity for the strategic transformation for operators at home and abroad, in order to meet the demands of telecom services.

China Telecom's strategy is accelerating the implementation of the network reconstruction plan CTNet2025 and realizing the intelligence of network, with the former concerning network reconstruction and network operation. The company aims at network function virtualization over 80 percent of its network.

According to her, China Telecom has practiced a lot in SDN deployments of cloud resource pool and IP network.

In terms of NFV, the company has set standards for NFVI & MANO. It has launched the pre-commercial vBRAS.

In the field of NFVI, it has developed NFV Rack, involving a number of vendors, various hardware & software.