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China Mobile Capex Reaches CNY 188.8bn in 2016

China Mobile recorded CNY 188.8 billion in capex for 2016, a 7% decline from a year earlier. The emphasis in the investments is on 4G, broadband access and data center.

The most of China Mobile's investments is on 4G. It has realized continuous 4G coverage in the areas of or above township level nationwide with a 90% 4G population coverage level in administrative villages; its average 4G download speed reaches 40Mbps, over 20Mbps as for high-speed rail and above 37Mbps on the train.

By June 2016, China Mobile's broadband network has covered 270 million households and 77% of that, 210 million, are covered with FTTH while its broadband access subscribers have hit 65 million.

The average fixed broadband access rate among its new subscribers has been above 100Mbps in urban areas with the average exceeding 50Mbps, and that has surpassed 50Mbps with an average of over 20Mbps.