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1 pair MDF protector against over-voltage over-current protection

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TP-1501-1AGP | Connect telephone cables | used for LSA modules | Graded 5 point protection  | Fail Safe (FS) function
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TP-1501-1AGP MDF protector is used for LSA modules, which forms the protection circuit for the protection of exchange room equipments and personnel against over voltage and over current, for mainly as follows:

l    The surge voltage caused by lightning on or around the outside lines.

l    The short-time AC voltage inducted on external lines, when the power line, the power system or the electric railway system is broken down in the neighborhood of the outside line.

l    The outside line directly collides against a 220 V power line.

The housing of the protector is flame retardant, high temperature resistance and aging resistance. It is 1 pair modular design protector. 

Main Features

Modular single pair design        

Easy installations

Maintenance free

Graded 5 point protection

Fail Safe (FS) function

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1 pair MDF protector for LSA module, against over-voltage over-current protection