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China Telecom & Huawei Released Network Fault Intelligent Analysis Platform

At Mobile World Congress 2017, China Telecom and Huawei jointly released the "Network Fault Intelligent Analysis Platform", demonstrating the company's technological innovation and pragmatic attitude for network operation and development.

The intergration of flourishing mobile Internet, video services and cloud services have brought various demands on the carrier network and increased difficulty of network operation & maintenance and fault location for the operators.

The Chinese operator stated, "The reliability of network, as a public infrastructure, is increasingly important with the acceleration of China's information process. Network faults are related to a wide range of devices and have an impact with an extensive scope."

The intelligent operation of the network can depend on SNMP, Syslog, Telemetry and other technologies; however, there seems to be much about raising the network "Cognitive" level, according to the senior technical supervision of China Telecom Feng Mingzeng.

Relying on the traditional network management means and combining large data and cloud computing technologies, China Telecom detects the abnormality of network KPI, configuration and mines alert rules, which makes it achieve visual operation & maintenance and minute-level fault positioning and raise the accuracy rate by 80 percent.